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Team Gymnastics

GymWorld has two competitive programs, Junior Olympics and X-Cell.

To become a Team Member gymnasts must be able to perform specific skills in a safe manner and participate in all scheduled competitions. Also, gymnasts must be respectful, dedicated, and committed to the sport year-round.

Our team coaches strive to help every gymnast reach their full potential.

We build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. We emphasize good sportsmanship, build confidence and respect for others.

Junior Olympics

Junior Olympics, is the most rigid and requires a higher level of ability, skills, training, and commitment. This discipline is divided into two categories:

Compulsory: level 2 to 5, where specific routines will be performed during competition.
Optional: level 6 to 10, where gymnasts perform individual routines. Routines must follow the requirements snd guidelines of the USAG.


X-Cell has 4 levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

This program runs alongside Junior Olympics and is a less strenuous alternative. It was created to attract athletes who would like to experience the competitive world in a more flexible way. 

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We look forward to working with your child!

Contact Us for more Information

We look forward to working with your child!

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